About Us

Greenee is a family run and owned business. Our aim is to promote a healthier lifestyle that is kind to the environment and encourages sustainable living. Our range, while small for now, will expand to suit people at the beginning of their journey and old hands at sustainability.

We believe that it doesn’t take a complete lifestyle change to make to make a difference. Great differences can be made through small change. Switching from cleaners that contain harsh chemicals to environmentally conscious alternatives, and switching from plastic straws to stainless steel are examples of small changes which, if adopted by enough people, could have a tremendous environmental impact. We have always had a keen interest in moving toward living a self-sufficient life, and have a heartfelt interest in the Tiny House Movement as well as the use of alternative building materials such as straw bale and hempcrete. The products available on our store are just a small part of a larger lifestyle plan.

We value customer feedback and product suggestions, so please contact us with any enquiries, concerns or requests for information via our details on the contact page.